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Three seconds that can change your day, your life, your country. This is the premise at the core of our immersive multimedia experience, tailor made for la Place des Héros, Arras, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Made by a team of 10 animators, original orchestral music, two choirs, 12 video projectors, 60 millions pixels (almost as many as French people).
A tiny box, is all Jeanne needed to convince Patrick and Richard to cross the Atlantic and meet her in Arras. They gather in the same place their great grand-fathers met 100 years before during the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Together, our three friends will dive into the past to honour their ancestors but they don’t know that they are just about to discover something that will change their lives forever.


Son et Lumière en direct d'Arras, place des héros

DIRECT. Bataille d'Arras-Vimy : découvrez le Son et Lumière projeté place des Héros
▶ http://bit.ly/direct-arras-vimy-sonetlumiere

Publié par France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais sur mercredi 5 avril 2017