Lucion Media

The Edge of Peace is a modern, multimedia presentation on the fragility of peace and the price of freedom.

Projected on luminous spheres, four First World War soldiers who served during the final hundred days reflect on their service, while a recently bereaved composer struggles to find consolation by creating and performing her new song.
Their journeys to inner peace converge, through poetry, theatre, imagery and music.

The Edge of Peace is a 14-minute production which runs throughout Veterans’ Week (Nov 4-11, 2018) in Ottawa.

First moonGARDEN with a 360 video sphere realized with a fish eye lens !

Story by Kent Stetson C.M. and Bernard Duguay
Written by Kent Stetson C.M.

Original music by Nick Carpentier
Lyrics by Kent Stetson C.M.

Played by Sarah Dagenais-Hakim (Eirene), Marcel Jeannin (Soldier 1), Laurent Pitre (Soldier 2), Zack Running Coyote (Soldier 3) and André Simoneau (Soldier 4)