Lucion Media

moonGARDEN @ Discovery Green and Avenida Houston

moonGARDEN sets the stage for a playful and contemplative storytelling based on the great moments of Houston and Discovery Green Park since its inception.

We wanted people to recognize their city and Park but we also wanted to bring something new and magic so visitors could dream while strolling around the spheres.

Each group of sphere has its own subject. Each one tells a part of the Story. Three Exposures were also part of the experience.

moonGARDEN @ Discovery Green and Avenida Houston was the second bigger moonGARDEN installation with 22 spheres since Montreal in 2012 (25 spheres) ! The park was a green and sweet oasis for the installation.

The music has been created by Simon Charrier

Small videos can be seen on vimeo. Here and here !
And drone footage here !