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Bonhomme’s Dream – Shadow Play

Shadow Play materialises stories through the combined use of sound, light, shadow theatre and the micro-mapping. The animation film leaps out of the 2D screen into the venue on the 3D canevas.

As part of the 2019 Quebec Winter Carnival, Lucion adapted its Shadow Play whose the first version was featured at the Shanghai Museum of Modern Art.

This new 6 minute reveals how this mythical figure sees the world.

The addition of 540 LED fixtures into the globe, and synchronized with the video, immerses the visitor into Bonhomme’s head.

Quantum was nominated for the best video mapping for the Numix Awards !!

"Bonhomme’s dream” Teaser from Lucion Média on Vimeo.

"Bonhomme’s dream” from Lucion Média on Vimeo.

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